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who we are


Glocalproject Corporation aims to create a connection between the Japanese local governments and the world. We want to make a contribution from a global perspective by revitalizing the local communities, making quality of life there better, and protecting the traditional culture and environment to keep the succession going through tourism with the help from the local community. 


our aim

We act and go a long the process with the local community through a global perspective.

global+local= “glocal”

We have come to a point where difference in language, time, and distance does not matter anymore and allows us to have infinite opportunity. This is what we call, “Glocal Era.”

 Each of us takes action in our own community, while thinking from a global scale. This is what we mean when we say, “Think globally, act locally”

We are able to discover the potential for each community by observing and analyzing objectively.  By connecting Japan to the world like this,  we hope to improve the economy and people’s quality of life.


We want ”Tabikuru”  to mean being able to “travel” around Japan from your own home.

“Tabikuru” is a virtual tour held by us, Glocalproject.

2-10-3 Daimyo Chuo ward Fukuoka city Fukuoka Japan 8100041
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